August, 2019, Action


Where do you escape to come home? Not home in the physical sense but home in your head, your heart, your soul? We wander through the days with our spirit as a constant. How do you tend your spirit, to also bring it home. I ponder this as I slip into this familiar space with you. This place of reflection and words. This place of writing. My place. Home.

August was an active month I ‘achieved’ a lot. If I was ticking boxes on a list I could even say I was super productive. And yet what is productivity? It is all relative isn’t it.

I unpacked a house, enjoyed why felt like an endless summer with my children, made what felt like 5,000 apple muffins from our apple tree, had the most wonderful weekend in Berlin with one of my soul sisters, walked in the woods, talked to the trees, camped and hiked Luxembourg and maintained the odd yoga class.

I took a break from the world. Posting less, sharing less, talking less. I gave up drinking and found myself in the process of considering how to give up flying (I know, quite the challenge when you’re Australian).

This happens from year to year doesn’t it. We change. And, if like me you’re a journey woman/man you’ll regularly find yourself at the crossroads where new actions are needed.

This is moving forward to me is basically living mindfully. Achieved by listening and feeling through your world, by protecting and being honest with that shield we all carry – our spirit. The spirit is our life partner, our constant friend in the good and not so good battles.

Moving forward is also growing older and maybe it’s growing up. It is a constant. It’s flux. It’s normal. It’s living. It’s flow which by nature flows forward – may as well swim with it eh.

How do I come home? I plant things, physically and in my mind. And I make things, again, physically and in my mind. I create dreams. Right now I am creating ‘La Casa de Campo’. Home. Our cottage home. There’s lots of projects in that.

As I begin to reflect on this past year that’s coming to its natural end, perhaps you wonder if I have it all worked out yet? Ha. No, of course I don’t. I just have a new place to start this new year from. And new crossroads to face. I am stronger though and a little wiser. I’ve shifted gradually into who I am. If I read back over my year I can see I’ve navigated a transition. I found myself at a crossroad where I needed to redefine my identity. I had to do some work, ask myself some questions. Dare myself and accept myself, my limits, my capabilities. Words have taught me something though – they have taught me bravery. And bravery, well with that comes confidence and purpose.

September is upon us. It is the new school year and I’m looking forward to sinking into my nest. I have some thinking to do, some decisions to make, creating to craft and a final reflection of this year to write.

Talk soon dear friends.

F x

And some music. Because – ALWAYS music.

For all the talk of letting go of toxicity – sometimes it is a part of ourselves, our attitude, opinions or behaviours we need to leave. I’ve found this quite a liberating realisation. It is not to need someone or something else to be the villain, perhaps there is simply a difference and that is ok. There is a time when there is no need to continue the internal argument with the past, expectations, unease or hurt that lingers.








6 Replies to “August, 2019, Action”

  1. Wonderful words and photos Fran. You live in a verdant land..and look so well amongst it! What a year you’ve had.
    Happy nesting.
    with love
    Janet x

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  2. I’ve missed your presence Fran – I love the simplification (can you call it that?), the declutter of life and letting go of the things that you don’t need anymore whilst opening up to new normals that lift your soul. Power to you my sister xx

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    1. April, my wild friend! Yes you can say that. It’s always a process of simplification isn’t it … it just looks different year to year. New normals sure are bloody good for the soul, as is hearing from you. Thank you friend. Fran xx


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