July, 2019, Practice.


Ding dong.

It’s me again.

My haven’t we shared a few cups of tea lately. I am loving it. Yes, I know I really must get back to writing my book. I will. I promise. Just let me catch you, (and me) up with July and then I am good to go. Go into hibernation that is – I’ve been practicing ;).

Sweet July (my birthday month), well, it struck me this month that it’s all just practice. Everything we do, everything we feel and maybe even everything we think.

The more we practice the better we get. Of course we know this. How did we learn to walk, read, talk, add, subtract, write, like ourselves, build confidence, develop skills. You know all the things we take for granted. Heck even hanging washing is learnt by practice. I know this because my son hung a load of washing the other day. I had expected he could do it the same way I do. How would he? We don’t really learn these things by osmosis. I have a well honed (by practice, trial and error) system of hanging so I can A LOT of clothes in a small space and transfer to wardrobes with the least amount of steps and creases. He still needs to practice.

While I’m talking mostly about skills I think it’s imperative that we are mindful about osmosis. Osmosis does affect how we learn too. You know things like kindness, honesty, empathy, opinions, confidence, self worth, openness – this is why our tribe, noise and feeds are so important. Awareness of these is a super power.  

So, July huh – what a cracker! We went to Ibiza. It was a spontaneous trip for the kids and me. I never thought I’d go to this party Island! Never. However, we were facing a week of soggy weather, tired end of year kids and a house to pack. I knew we needed to break from the end of the school year and start the summer with a bit of down time. A break to bring in those ‘fresh start’ feels.


I’m well practiced at reading and responding to what we need. The screens were left at home and we stayed right by water. Also, it needed to be cheap, we’d just bought a house so holidays are not in the budget this summer. As a result of meeting all the needs we ended up on the Spanish Island of Ibiza and it was perfect. I do love how spontaneity more often than not pays off because it is a response to the current situation.

Upon our return we moved! And as you know I am also very WELL practiced at moving. Also well practiced at acting on changes. Changes are sometimes needed to create a more harmonious life. We may be practicing but if we don’t actually use the practice to create a life that is harmonious and enjoyable (most of the time) then perhaps we aren’t actually learning?! I know and appreciate that sometimes there are situations out of our control, situations that disrupt this life flow. Life throws that shit our way. I wish I could change that for some people in my life. Some people seem to get a bullshit share of the shit stuff. Good people. Kind people. We do owe those people you know. They’d swap in a heartbeat. So why so much complaining about privilege – sorry pondering out loud.

The rest of July has been spent at home. All the things we have explored through practice, travel and living now has a nest to grow in. It is time to stop moving for now. Somehow, through some big leaps of faith, courage and luck we’ve found ourselves in exactly the life we dreamed of all those years ago. That time when we sold ourselves out of Sydney and onto the plane with one way tickets to Ireland and towards the unknown.

I don’t regret Sydney. No, in all honesty I can now say I truly don’t. I thought I did, but you know I learnt a lot there. I practiced slowing down, yoga, growing food, reigniting and prioritising my passions like hiking and camping. I stepped out into the world to open up my shyness via writing and SM (for the first time and I was in my 40’s). In the process I learnt what I needed to feel free, to be confident, about the importance of home to me. I also learnt how much I love and value farmers and the importance of actually ‘giving a shit’, writing, words, connecting and of living with true intention. And I found my people. I found a way to the introverts, creators, adventurers, change makers and thinkers. New wonderful friends have been cultivated and even deeper friendships cemented with old friends.

So now what? Now I have the space to step into everything I have practiced with greater depth. It has all led me (us) here. And we continue to practice for what comes next. I am going to write a book this year. I’ve been practicing how this can happen … obviously I’ve written the past years and have used the little squares of SM as a vehicle for creativity but to make it happen something more is needed – changes, action needs to happen.

Why now? I know I have talked forever about a book but this is the thing about practice, dreams don’t just happen. Like manifesting and mood boards they don’t magically create the change. What they do is show us what we need to practice to reach the magic. It is like finding your path. How can you know your path if you don’t have a dream … there’s nothing to practice. It can be big or small, like travel more or grow a garden – both need practice, change and action. Both are equally magical and meaningful if they find their way onto our personal mood boards to manifest.

I have learnt that writing, while soul food and my head and heart basically bursting with lines to write it is too much for me when it is all I do. Perhaps I’ve been practicing how to get to the dream of writing a book and that is why it has taken me so long (and so many first chapters) to get here.

During our time in Sydney I learnt that being dogged about getting somewhere is no way to live. If you want proof just follow a few dogged hustlers, bloggers and ‘influencers’ (gosh that word – I really hate it and all it stands for). They will always come back to complaining about the work it takes, the sacrifices, the stress involved and vow to change and then vow to change again six months later and so on…

Of course there are times in our lives when we have the energy for dogged, or maybe our ego simply only allows dogged. Personally, in this current season of my life I really have no interest in engaging with it. Frankly, I don’t have the energy, four kids and peri-meno are a thing here. So dogged, no, it doesn’t fit my mood board! Of course I never say never I have been proven wrong before (many times) and timing well it is an unpredictable thing sometimes. But on my imaginary mood board (I don’t actually have one) it’s about peacefully, gently, meaningfully treading through my day and of my big dream – My Book.

My practicing has taught me I need lots of little projects to keep me fresh and creative. I need to potter (and plant). I need people and I need quiet. I need to try new things and leave some things behind. I don’t need rush, a story when created with rush misses the depth. I know that because of the response to a post I wrote on Slower FamilyTravels this week, there something I tapped into there which I think is key to my book. My current path, this monthly journey is taking me there. So I continue the practice of putting the rituals in place so create my mood board, my dream. It has taken time because the path has been a winding one not a dogged one.

Sorry did I get lost in my thoughts again! It’s a long one this month. So much thinking and doing. And within the blink of an eye all of a sudden it’s August. August is about action. Action August. Ha ha too bad I’m so behind in my writing I could have started a #ActionAugust.

August – I’m here, quite joyfully acting on what I’ve learnt and continue to learn. I AM ready –  ready for the dream to become my reality.

I’m even ready with my September focus.  I’m practiced at this dealing monthly with what I need  (I’ve been here playing on this blog since October last year, 2018). September when the house is quiet and school returns it’ll be about hibernation and solitude with enough of the right connection. My tricky balance. Oh and ps since October! SHEESH that means I am nearly at a year. This means there are only two letters of this year-long project left for me to write to you. 

Oh friends we have another long letter between us. I’m glad to have caught us back up. And excited about what Action August will bring it’s already been quite fruitful. How about you? What are you practicing, dreaming, actions by design in your days.

Buen Camino lovely ones!



Ps For a funny and a trip down memory ‘SONG’ lane this is a cracker:

4 Replies to “July, 2019, Practice.”

  1. A question…how do you know you have a book in you? How do you find the topic AND be confident that people will want to read it?? Many people say that I should write a book about my travels, but I do not feel I have a book ‘in me’. Interested in your thoughts? Melx


    1. Hey Mel!

      Thanks for the question, I pondered it today on my daily walk.

      I guess I just know, it feels like something I need to do. I love writing about life and also I love writing to ‘write’ myself forward. I been able to connect with people through words and I know I have a story that may contribute to the landscape of books for ‘dreamers’. The kinds of books, fiction and also autobiographies that I enjoy reading.

      I am under no illusion that it will be anything spectacular and who knows maybe people won’t read it but I know there are at least three who will 🙂 I also know it will do something pretty magical for me. Writing always does.

      It is something I have wanted to do for longer than I remember and the call just seems to get louder. Right now I have both the opportunity and the story.

      Confidence is always the issue but I just want to believe! This blog has been my path towards that. Now I am almost at the year, the end of this project I need to make good on all work I have done … and write the book. For me and my family.

      I read this quote the other day and it really sat with how I was feeling

      ‘Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.’ Mary Lou Cook

      If there is one thing I want for my kids it is that they are not afraid to be creative in how they live and in what they do. So I need to live that!

      And now I want to write another blog post 😉

      Fran x

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