July, 2019, Practice.


Ding dong.

It’s me again.

My haven’t we shared a few cups of tea lately. I am loving it. Yes, I know I really must get back to writing my book. I will. I promise. Just let me catch you, (and me) up with July and then I am good to go. Go into hibernation that is – I’ve been practicing ;).

Sweet July (my birthday month), well, it struck me this month that it’s all just practice. Everything we do, everything we feel and maybe even everything we think.

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June, 2019, Birdsong.

Hola friends,

Can you remember June? Let me see … I will need to look back because already we have made it to August. August, how? 

Perhaps it is the summer. Yes, the summer does that doesn’t it. It sneaks up with its long nights, warmth and stuff to be a part of. Summer, when everyone smiles and the conversations in the street, the shop or school gate linger just a little longer. The world is awake. 

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May, 2019, Truth.


(truthfulness)EXPLORE Yoga Philosophy

Hola friends,

What was I looking for this month? The word that would encompass being open and disciplined? I am not sure I found a word that fits both … I could use balance but meh that’s one of those overused words. I need something with a beautiful edge to it. Perhaps in essence it is about truth. Satya. Isn’t this a beautiful word. Yes, this is the word I have been practicing living this month. Moving in a truthful way with discipline.

Seeing discipline in this way is exactly the kind of discipline I want to be accountable to. One that derives it’s source from being true. Continue reading “May, 2019, Truth.”

April, 2019, Little Acts of Rebellion.

‘Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.’ – Henry David Thoreau


Hello friends,

How are things with you?

Were you a letter writer as a kid? I was. They always started with: How are you? I ‘m fine! A template of sorts. We must build up a great many templates as we progress through our lives. Patterns we  repeat. It makes life easier to create patterns, we automatically know how to colour them in or perhaps keep them black and white. Easier I say until we need to change them, change them by choice or because the season we find ourselves in has changed.

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March, 2019, Fearless.

‘It must be obvious … that there is a contradiction in wanting to be perfectly secure in a universe whose very nature is momentariness and fluidity.’ ~ Shunryu Suzuki

Hello lovely ones,

It has taken me a while to get to this page to update you. So much has and is happening in this little space within the world I inhabit. This monthly exploration into accepting what appears and what feels right to explore has taken me beyond. Beyond where … I can’t quite put my finger on it, it is hard express it in words but I’ll just try. I think it is fear, fear of myself, my place in the world, where in the world, my time left in the world, the world. But, ‘the beyond’ is a wonderful place, I can say that without hesitation.

I started this month with a desire to be fearless. I’ve written a lot about fear, of rejecting the meme’s, of how this pushing to ‘extend’ beyond limits actually feels limiting. I am not sure I really understood fear, where mine comes from, nor its impact on me. With all scary things I think we have to find our own way there ourselves. And it’s a process … we don’t find ourselves able to face or do things without first learning and trying a few things along the way.

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February 2019, Creating Security.


“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”
― Mary Oliver

Hola lovelies,

I’m fascinated by the notion and process of a caterpillar’s metamorphosis. Cocooning themselves with just what they need before emerging, ready to fly. Their colours have brightened and they are secure in their form. Google tells me it takes about four weeks for this process and is weather dependent. This month if you remember I wanted build some armour … so I continued to wrap myself in my very own cocoon. I think of as it shrinking inwards to expand outwards. Securing myself.

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January 2019, Cleansing.

Lüfta ~ the practice of opening the windows in the morning to let the old air out and the new air in!

Hola friends!

It’s February and here I am writing up January. Oops. The depths of winter have certainly hit their peak, short days, dark mornings (with the odd spectacular sunrise) rain, ice and snow.

Some months do seem to need more days or weeks to come their natural end before the new one begins. Heck maybe even some years need more years. I definitely need this year to get to where I thought I’d be last year! So this extended January, well it was a month of tilting. The only peaceful option in our house was to move with what was necessary while a flu ran its course in which no one was spared!

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December 2018, Traditions.

‘I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then live with that decision.’ ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Guten tag,

The clock hasn’t yet struck midnight on 2018 for us in the Northern Hemisphere. It will soon and the fire works will explode! As I lay here in my bed, in the dark, in a hotel room with a snoring six year old next to me – I think I drew the long straw!

Hubby and the older kids have walked into the old town of Salzburg to see the fireworks as they blast off the mighty Hohensalzburg Fortress when midnight strikes. It will be spectacular – I imagine. But you know what you don’t go to, you don’t know you’ve missed. The pure joy of missing out (JOMO) I’m ALL about that. And you never know I might get a little crazy! I could get myself another cup of herb tea from the bar. Nah. I just had a better idea! I’ll cut myself a piece of apple strudel AND because I am letting it all hang out (New Years and all) I will also have a piece of the cheese strudel type cake that’s sitting next to the apple strudel.

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